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Wide Is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity - DVD

Wide Is the Gate: The Emerging New Christianity - DVD
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Product Description

This 4-hour DVD series is comprised of 5 segments with the following titles: 1) The Counterfeit Church; 2) Biblical Christianity; 3) The Evolving New Age; 4) Christianized New Age Spirituality; and 5) The New Age in Media.

Wide Is The Gate is the most comprehensive documentary on the origin and �progress� of New Age occultism that I�ve seen to date. Former mystics share their experiences and discuss how occult practices and beliefs have penetrated Evangelical circles. Discerning pastors also share their concerns and shed the light of Scripture on current deceptions.

This series is packed with visual evidence and live footage documenting mystical practices and beliefs being promoted by some of today�s best-known gurus and Emergent Church leaders. It reveals how occult practices and concepts are now increasingly disguised using Christian terminology. Former New Agers explain how practices such as �Christian� yoga are not and cannot be Christian � due to their underlying spiritual source and theology.

Gary personally knows and can attest to the credibility of six of the individuals interviewed on this DVD. This series is very well done and effective, especially in getting New Agers (and Christians who�ve wandered from the truth) to recognize the error of their ways and to understand why their practices/beliefs are dangerous.

Every Christian should thoroughly examine Wide Is The Gate; and parents should view this DVD with their teenage children. It will help them discern spiritual truth from error in these very deceptive times.