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Waiting for His Heart

Waiting for His Heart
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Product Description

Joy intended to keep her vow to remain with her beloved Mark �no matter what.� But on her wedding day she could not have known that �no matter what� would include Mark�s years-long struggle with alcohol dependency and its resulting turmoil. �

Joy recounts her family�s journey through these troubled times of fighting, disappointment, embarrassment, and legal separation. But she and the children never gave up on Mark as they waited for his heart to return to them. Joy is refreshingly candid as she walks us through how she parented virtually alone, found employment, learned to share her needs with discretion, saw God�s provision, and even created happy family times. �

Your story might not be similar to Joy�s, but you have a friend or a neighbor whose loved one is battling an addiction. Hear it from Joy � as well as from Mark himself and the couple�s children � and never give up. �

(Joy is a long-time personal friend of Gary and Audrey Kah.)