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Using Current Events to Share Godís Truth

Using Current Events to Share Godís Truth
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Product Description

This one-hour message was taped before a live audience at the 2014 International Bible Prophecy Conference in Florida. In his presentation, Gary highlights a number of interfaith/one-world events scheduled to take place in 2014, commenting on their significance within the global government agenda. He then demonstrates how to use current economic and political developments in globalization to get people thinking about the underlying spiritual consequences of these trends. Gary shares 5 specific talking points he personally uses on a regular basis to engage individuals in conversations on this topic Ė the end goal being to inform people of the truth while helping them see their need for Jesus Christ as Savior. This is a very practical DVD that viewers will find beneficial in articulating a Christianís position on the New World Order in a logical, common-sense fashion. If nothing else, it will get people to stop and think about which side they are on and what changes need to be made in their spiritual lives as they witness this unfolding sign of the times.