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Truth Challenge? - DVD

Truth Challenge? - DVD
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Product Description

Recorded at an Indiana church in 2010, Truth Challenge? is a 58-minute DVD presentation by Canadian researcher and author Carl Teichrib. Globalism and religious pluralism dominate 21st century Western culture, and the transformation into a post-Christian society is all but complete. In this DVD Carl shines a light on the battle for truth being waged in every key facet of Western culture, including politics, economics, and religion. He draws a line in the sand and answers the crucial question: How should Christians stand for Truth in an era where the very idea of truth is being undermined?

This DVD, featuring startling facts and figures, excellent PowerPoint slides, and inside reporting from key global conferences, documents the secularization of Europe, interfaith trends in Canada, and the emerging mysticism in the United States. Carl uncovers the interfaith agenda he discovered while attending the 2010 G8 World Religions Summit in Toronto, Canada, and reveals disturbing recommendations put forth in a document co-produced by the World Council of Churches, the Vatican, and the World Evangelical Alliance. Other topics of interest include Freemasonry, Theosophy, the New Age, and the Emergent Church. In a sea of pluralism and post-modern mysticism, Christians are increasingly led astray by monolithic cultural currents. Those who aren't duped are often intimidated into silence if they attempt to rock the boat. Carl Teichrib's Truth Challenge? is a must see for those who still desire to navigate through life based on the Truth claims of Christ alone.