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This Present Evil World

This Present Evil World
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Product Description

This is a very simple, yet profound message that examines the true source of evil in the world. Pastor Donald Perkins clearly shows why evil is not the fault of a loving God, while proving from Scripture that man himself has caused all chaos and sin Ė being misled and deceived by Satan to disobey our Creator. He also reveals Godís remedy for sin and evil in a tactful and straight-forward style.

Donald is a friend who has spoken at many of the same conferences as Gary. While Gary may not completely agree with Donaldís timeline of prophesied end-time events, his presentation on the origin and solution to evil is very sound and spiritually uplifting. It demonstrates how the world became cursed because of one manís sin, but how sin also has been overcome by one man who redeemed us.

This is a short, easy-to-understand message that should be passed along to those who are new in the faith or doubt the reality of a spiritual battle between good and evil in the heavenly as well as earthly realms.