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See Something, Say Nothing

See Something, Say Nothing
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Book by Philip Haney & Art Moore

Recently, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a very kind and brilliant gentleman named Philip Haney, one of the authors of See Something, Say Nothing. If the book title sounds familiar, it�s probably because you�ve heard about it on Sean Hannity�s program or watched Megan Kelly interview Mr. Haney a couple of years ago. Philip, who is a Christian, was a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security. He became one of the Department�s leading experts on terrorism � identifying, researching, and tracking potential terrorists for the purpose of preventing future attacks. One day during the Obama administration, Philip came back to his office to discover that his most important and extensive research which tracked potential Islamic terrorists, had been intentionally removed from the data base. It represented years of his painstaking work in connecting the dots between individual cells � all of it gone! This information could have prevented the Boston Marathon attacks as well as the San Bernardino slayings.

So what happened? The Deep State wanted it eliminated! See Something, Say Nothing is Philip�s personal, fully documented story of what happened, and how certain government agencies have been penetrated by powerful players who do not have our nation�s best interests in mind. It is shocking, disturbing, and almost unbelievable, but true. The book provides letters and documents as evidence of what has been, and still is occurring in the inner echelons of our government � and what President Trump is trying to root out.

Philip has offered to personally sign each of his books for our readers. You will definitely want to get your own signed hardback copy. This is a must read! (One book per customer please.)