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The Secret of the Lord

The Secret of the Lord
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GOD HAS A SECRET. It is a life-changing, destiny-determining �secret.� It is a �secret� because the Bible says it is. It is God�s secret because He has declared it to be �secret.� Yet it is a secret God desires to disclose to all who will seek it, unlocking all of the covenantal blessings and promises of God, both on earth and for eternity.

�SECRETS� ABOUND. They can lure the unsuspecting to invest their lives and resources in false hopes leading to broken promises, disillusionment, and eventually eternal destruction. Yet God�s secret is singular and secure in a world offering a buffet table of supposed spiritual �secrets.� So important is God�s �secret,� that it becomes our Creator�s final gospel message to our planet before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Secret of the Lord can change your life � if you let it!

About the Author: Chuck Crismier is a Christian attorney, founder and president of Save America Ministries, and host of VIEWPOINT, a national daily radio broadcast. He is a personal friend of Gary�s and shares his passion for seeing Americans regain a reverent fear and love for the Lord.