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Relinquishing My Dreams

Relinquishing My Dreams
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Product Description

Tricia Bradley was in the midst of an ordinary life when her world was rocked to its core! First she discovered that having children was not an �inalienable right.� Then, after adopting three beautiful children, she learned that her oldest one was living a life of duplicity. Thus began a journey of twists and turns. Over the next 6 years, Tricia and her husband faced many challenges and difficulties with this prodigal daughter. She shares her story candidly, and readers find themselves soaring with her in hope one minute and then crashing in devastation the next. Without her faith in the Lord, Tricia may not have survived this crisis. If you have been blindsided by betrayal, you�ll find comfort and wisdom in her story. In the book, Tricia shares godly advice ― based on her own personal experience ― on how to handle such a tragedy in the home.

A valuable addition in this book is a series of Bible Studies that look at various people of Scripture who dealt with the same issues that parents of prodigals deal with today. Your heart will be encouraged and your faith strengthened as you learn from their lives.