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Rescuing A Broken America: Why America is Deeply Divided

Rescuing A Broken America: Why America is Deeply Divided
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In America's current highly-charged political environment, it is important that Christians "weigh in" on matters affecting our constitutional freedoms and moral values. If we do not take an effective stand, we will soon lose our freedom to worship and the right to make godly decisions involving our families, churches, and businesses. We therefore encourage everyone to exercise their inalienable rights to take a stand for godly principles.

Christians should stand strong for the Lord in areas affecting public policy and the political direction of our nation. If you are ready to step up in this area of your life but do not know where to begin, we recommend that you prayerfully read and study Rescuing a Broken America by Dr. Michael Coffman. Dr. Coffman is a solid Christian and man of integrity. In his book, he explains the background of our nation's political debate, the clash of two different worldviews, and what can be done through the political process to stem the tide. it is a methodical constitution-based handbook which would be especially helpful for mature Christians planning to run for office or become more active in defending our freedoms by bringing change through local and state government. if you are a new Christian, or one who has not yet accepted Christ, this book will help you understand how America got into the mess it's in.

Remember, any political activism should be part of your spiritual walk, not in place of it!