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Preparing for Turbulent Times

Preparing for Turbulent Times
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Product Description

This 50-minute talk was presented before a live audience at the 2014 International Bible Prophecy Conference in St. Petersburg, Florida. It parallels Gary�s newsletter article of the same name but contains numerous PowerPoint images along with pictures from his family�s recent mission trip to Costa Rica. Some sensitive bits of information are discussed which are not mentioned in his article. The DVD and article go hand in hand.

Like the article, the DVD looks at what people with affluence or with little means might consider doing to prepare for turbulent times. After reviewing some practical financial and physical prep options, Gary wraps up with an emphasis on being spiritually prepared. Although there were some technical glitches with the overhead system at the conference, we edited in the pertinent PowerPoint images and pictures in a way that doesn�t detract from the presentation. This would be a good DVD to give to a friend who may not take the time to read the article. FULL OF PRACTICAL ADVICE AND TIPS!