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The Omega Manifesto

The Omega Manifesto
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The Omega Manifesto establishes a formidable philosophical foundation for Christianity in the last days while simultaneously exposing the end game strategy of the Luciferian New World Order. The author, Scott Keisler, has conducted in-depth research for over nine years. His big picture treatise lays out a worldview that shatters the false-reality matrix in which most people live. �

Addressing philosophical, apologetic, theological, prophetic, political, economic, and spiritual issues, The Omega Manifesto has an historical bent that is neither unnecessarily complex nor overly simplistic. The book is arranged in a logical order and deals with vital material that is usually neglected in the Sunday morning pulpit. Pastors and Christian leaders will enjoy The Omega Manifesto, but the book is written in such a way that non-Christians will find it both engaging and informative as well. �

The final chapter is a blockbuster in which the previous nine chapters come together in a startling and unexpected way. Never have so many controversial issues been covered in one place so effectively in a way that makes sense. Gary supports most of Scott�s conclusions and recommends this book to fellow Christians.