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New Age or Not: What Difference Does it Make?

New Age or Not: What Difference Does it Make?
Item# D191

Product Description

This 1-hour DVD by Eric Barger examines the spiritual life and influences of Hillary Clinton.

Mrs. Clinton claims to be an �old fashioned Methodist� but who and what really dictates her spiritual beliefs? What about the s�ances and ongoing necromancy? Who is Michael Lerner and the Marxist philosophy of Tikkun Magazine? Why Hillary will not reverse but rather increase Obama�s open-door policy on Islam and illegal aliens. Does America really know what they are getting if they put her in the White House?

Eric Barger states, �It would not matter if she were Democrat, Republican, or Independent. For the sake of our nation the spiritual practices that fuel Hillary Clinton must be known. We�ve already had eight years of Ahab � let�s not elect Jezebel now!�