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Memoirs of an American Christian: A Personal Story - DVD

Memoirs of an American Christian: A Personal Story - DVD
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Product Description

This 54-minute PowerPoint presentation was professionally taped before a live audience of 2,000 people at the 2010 Understanding the Times Conference in minneapolis. Although Gary has publicly shared some of his personal story in the past, on this occasion he shares a number of previously undisclosed insights and experiences from the days during and after his job with the government. Gary pulls out all the stops, wanting people to know everything of significance, as he believes the time is now very short. This presentation is filled with pictures and documents from the past which shed light on what is happening currently and what will likely take place in the near future. This is a compelling message intended to be a wake-up call to everyone willing to listen. The things Gary wrote about in his books and has warned of for the past twenty years are now upon us. We must all be prepared- especially spiritually- for the times ahead.

The presentation closes with a sobering call to repentance and an invitation to trust Jesus Christ as savior. This would be an excellent DVD to pass along to your unsaved friends who realize "all is not well" with the world, but who lack understanding as to why. The Lord could use this message to change their lives!