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King of the Mountain

King of the Mountain
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Product Description

King of the Mountain is without a doubt the most thorough treatment of Bible prophecy I've seen as it relates to current conditions and behind-the-scenes developments regarding Jerusalem's Temple Mount. It's a masterpiece that God will use for His glory as the final chapter of history unfolds. While you might not agree with every one of Chuck Crismier's conclusions, the documentation he presents is unprecedented � a treasure trove that will lead you to a deeper understanding of the spiritual battle we are in. Everyone needs to read this book! (345 pages)

(Chuck is a personal friend who has had me as a regular guest on his radio program VIEWPOINT. His conclusions regarding the specific identity of the Roman Catholic Church in Scripture may differ from my own, but the end result will be the same. Overall, this book is an excellent expos� of the hidden developments and little-known history surrounding the battle for the Temple Mount.)