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JERUSALEM and the Lost Temple of the Jews

JERUSALEM and the Lost Temple of the Jews
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Product Description

This 90-minute documentary, filmed on-site in Jerusalem and the surrounding area, addresses the exact location of the original Jewish Temple. Did Solomon�s Temple � and the Second Temple � really exist on what is today known as the Temple Mount? Or, could they have stood a few hundred yards away? The implications are huge in today�s world � both from a political and religious standpoint. For example, it could determine the future of Islam�s Dome of the Rock. Will it be torn down or left standing?

Ken Klein, the host of this compelling and well-produced documentary, challenges some of the long-accepted views regarding the location of the temple, and hence, where the proposed third temple should be built. As a Messianic Jew, Ken brings a unique perspective to this debate, using scripture references and historical documents to build his case. You may choose to differ with his conclusions but you will find his presentation fascinating and eye-opening. Every viewer will learn something they previously did not know.

If Ken Klein is correct in his assessment, it changes everything. Watch this historically relevant film and decide for yourself!