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Game of Gods

Game of Gods
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Book by Carl Teichrib 
� Game of Gods�is a comprehensive investigation into the changing nature of Western civilization, the revolutionary replacement of the Judeo-Christian framework with a new, yet ancient paradigm � the collision of two primary worldviews. We are all experiencing the shockwaves.�

Game of Gods�allows you to step into closed-door meetings at the United Nations, rub shoulders with faith leaders playing politics, scrutinize the religious impulse of technology, and watch how culture becomes a platform for spiritual engineering. It is the most thorough writing of our generation on the history and innerworkings of the one-world movement. Every Christian researcher and leader needs a copy of this important reference. It will be a tremendous resource in comprehending the underpinnings of this dangerous satanically-inspired agenda. I believe the Lord will use this work to help wake up His end-times Church and bring non-Christians to consider the end result of their vain pursuits.