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Acid Survivor

Acid Survivor
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Have you ever wondered how you would handle severe, unrelenting persecution? Acid Survivor tells the true story of Mulinde Umar, a Muslim man in Uganda who trusted Jesus as his Savior and became a Christian pastor. The hardships he has encountered, and continues to endure because of his conversion and bold stand for Christ, are extreme. I recently had the opportunity to meet this courageous man at a Midwest conference. His face became disfigured a few years ago when a devout Muslim threw acid on him in his attempt to stop Mulinde from spreading the gospel. This brutal act also took most of his vision � requiring him to wear a special visor to cover his damaged eyes. Any theological differences you may have with Mulinde do not diminish the bravery exhibited by this godly man in the face of ruthless and inhuman persecution. His personal testimony, capsulated in this short 65-page book is must reading! It will inspire you to stand strong for the Lord in the times ahead�.no matter the cost. (Most of the proceeds from this book are going directly to help support Pastor Mulinde.)