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2012: Prophecy or Panic - DVD

2012: Prophecy or Panic - DVD
Item# D176

Product Description

A Documentary by Cloud Ten Pictures

December 21, 2012. Is it the end of the world? Something more? Or nothing at all?

Join Mark Hitchcock, Gary Kah, Grant Jeffrey, and other guests as they examine the facts and mysteries surrounding the 2012 phenomenon. Special host Jeff Douglas takes the viewer to Mexico where he reports on site from the ancient Mayan ruins and helps us sort through the possible meaning behind the long-count Mayan calendar (which seems to end on Dec. 21st). World-renowned archaeologists, scientists, and Bible scholars provide an in-depth analysis as they scrutinize the original source Mayan materials. Do the Mayan prophecies coincide with those of Scripture? Or, are they a huge deception, setting up mankind for a giant fall?

Several New Age philosophers/writers are also interviewed in this presentation. Their interpretation of the 2012 phenomenon and plans for December 21st are discussed as they consider the occult-based Mayan calendar from their perspective. What can we expect them to do in the days ahead?

This 87-minute documentary is professionally done and a MUST for everyone interested in the study of Bible prophecy and gaining discernment on endtime events. It is also an effective tool for witnessing to non-Christians. The subject matter is presented with a non-sensational, balanced approach. Cloud Ten Pictures did a superb job in producing this film and making it relevant to our current world situation!